Can Light Therapy Help People to Lose Weight?

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If there’s one thing many of us struggle with, it’s maintaining a healthy weight. Our lives are packed with stress, unhealthy temptations in a culture that just now is starting to value self-care and healthy living. You may be someone who’s doing all the right things for a healthy lifestyle but can’t seem to shed the weight. Luckily, light therapy can help people lose both inches and weight.

Many of us throw in the towel and assume that it’s just impossible to lose weight and achieve those goals. However, it’s time to step outside of those limited thoughts because the solution is the power of light.

Often, when people can't lose weight, they reach a point of desperation and opt for invasive treatments like liposuction or mesotherapy, placing the body at risk for various problems, including infection or botched treatment. These are high risks to take in the name of weight loss. However, red light therapy can help you reach your goals quickly and safely.

While the health benefits of light therapy include improved sleep, cell regeneration, and reduced inflammation, it’s also proving to be incredibly helpful with weight loss.

To understand how light therapy helps with weight loss, it’s essential to understand the light therapy definition and why it’s so effective with weight loss.

Red light therapy is red and infrared light that penetrates through the skin, directly into your cells, stimulating the regeneration of new cells and healing damaged ones. It's prevalent in repairing muscle tissue, skin, and other ailments. However, red light therapy, also called low-level laser therapy (LLLT), has proven to be a great non-invasive option to help you lose weight. In other words, it directly targets fat.

The scientific community is heavily investing time and energy in researching the effects of red light therapy. In one study, researchers exposed fat cells to lasers. After 4 minutes of exposure, the fat cells released 80 percent of their contents, and after 6 minutes, they released 99 percent of the fat. Another study followed 86 people who underwent 20-minutes LLLT sessions every other day for two weeks. They found a significant decrease with an average of 1.12 inches in the waist, 1.2 inches in the thighs, and 0.77 inches in the hips.  

Red light therapy sessions can focus on one specific area or the whole body and need to be repeated several times to receive desired results. Along with the evidence to support red light therapy products as an effective method for weight loss, it's also non-invasive. While most weight loss treatments like liposuction require significant downtime after the procedure, red light therapy needs no downtime.

In other words, right after a session, you’re free to continue with your day as planned. This leaves red light therapy as a great option for those who simply don’t have the time or capabilities to take weeks off work and life to heal from invasive procedures. Through red light therapy, you can achieve your weight loss goals without sacrificing your time or body.

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