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Light Tree Group is one of the largest R&D and Manufacturing companies of High Quality, Reliable and Effective LED Therapy devices

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We  are proud to be approved by International Medical device organizations and Quality Management Systems. Our standards ensure that your product meets the required standards Internationally.

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If you are a company and focussed on devices in Wellness, Beauty, Health, Medical or Animal Industry and you want to take advantage with the growing demand in LED Therapy technology, Light Tree Group is your partner!  
We are currently active in the Beauty, Sport and Medical industries.

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From Beauty to Wellness, share your ideas with us and we will guide you through  the process of turning it into reality!

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We are always open for new business, new ideas, new colleagues, new technologies and new conversations. You can find us worldwide at our headquarter in The Netherlands, our factories in India and China or at our fulfillment center in the United States! Looking forward to hear from you!.

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