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Assured Quality

Superior LED therapy devices that blend clinical efficacy with top-tier performance and durability, backed by essential certifications.


Tailored Customization

Your brand, your vision. Craft standout light therapy solutions, distinguishing your brand and transform your unique ideas into reality.


Comprehensive Support

Support from regulatory guidance to marketing and after-sales service, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to customer.

Discover innovative beauty, health, medical, and animal wellness solutions with our custom LED therapy products and dedicated support.

Crafting Sustainable Partnerships:






Team members









Concept to project

Transitioning an idea into a viable project involves aligning the vision with market needs, setting clear objectives, and initiating a strategic plan for development.

Research and requirements

This phase is dedicated to thorough market analysis, understanding customer needs, and defining product requirements to ensure successful outcomes.

Design and development

Here, conceptual designs are turned into detailed plans, followed by the development of the product, ensuring functionality and design coherence.


A prototype is created to test the design, functionality, and feasibility, serving as a tangible proof of concept before mass production.

Tooling and Molding

Specialized tools and moulds are crafted to accurately and efficiently produce the components of the product at scale.


This stage involves ensuring the product complies with all relevant laws, regulations, and standards, often requiring rigorous testing and certification processes.

Mass production

Production is scaled up to manufacture large quantities while maintaining quality, often involving the optimization of manufacturing processes and logistics.


Once produced, products are stored, managed, and then distributed to retailers or directly to customers, completing the supply chain.

Intellectual Property

Protecting the product with patents, trademarks, and copyrights to safeguard innovation and prevent unauthorized use or replication.

Other services

Additional services may include ongoing support, maintenance, updates, and potential expansion into new markets or product lines.

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At Light tree ventures, we redefine Medical, Beauty and healthcare treatments through Pioneering LED light therapy. Our 2 decades of expertise illuminates the path to groundbreaking developments.

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White Label

Quickly launch with our ready-to-brand LED light therapy devices, offering speed and efficiency to market.

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Private Label

Customize our cutting-edge light therapy solutions to fit your unique brand identity and product vision.

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Other services

Collaborate with us for end-to-end OEM manufacturing of innovative LED therapy products tailored to your specifications.


Unveiling Superior Light Therapy Features

Our solutions are tailored to enhance your health and wellness journey with precision and care.

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Advanced Devices

Decades of expertise to bring you cutting-edge light therapy equipment.

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Wellness Consulting

Ensures your wellness goals are met with the utmost efficiency.

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Creative Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience we can deliver the best services.

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Innovative Treatment

From skincare to pain relief, creative light therapy solutions tailored to you.

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Expert Development

Our team drives the evolution of therapeutic light technologies.

Experience Excellence

Join us and discover the impact you can have.

We believe that together we stand the biggest chance to be successful.

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Customized Therapy Solutions
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Exceptional Client Support

Highest Quality Standards

Highest Quality Standards

Highest Quality Standards

Highest Quality Standards

Highest Quality Standards

Highest Quality Standards

We are proud to be approved by International Medical device organizations and Quality Management Systems. Our standards ensure that your product meets the required standards Internationally.

Full solutions that set you apart from your competitors don't look average and get you results

OUR clients

You're in good company


Bright reviews

LTV customer experiences

The team at LTV transforms our concepts into innovative and high quality products every time again! Their attention to detail and innovation is why we are already Long term partners.

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Marta D.

Head of R&D


LTV has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise has been invaluable in helping us bring our vision to life. From concept to execution, LTV has demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and dedication to our project, this alone sets them apart in the industry.

orange starorange starorange starorange star
Sarah T.

CEO, CeraThrive


Impressed with the innovation this company brings to the table! I appreciate the commitment to quality in both the design and manufacturing of these products."

orange starorange starorange starorange starorange star
Yvonne H.



The attention to detail in the manufacturing process is commendable, resulting in products that not only work effectively but also exude durability.

orange starorange starorange starorange star
John G. H.



We just love the product and thankful for the service we got so far from the Light Tree Ventures team!

orange starorange starorange starorange star
Barry W.



Discover how ISO 13485 light therapy devices meet stringent quality and safety standards for optimal performance.

Explore how Light Tree Ventures pioneers light therapy manufacturers in India, delivering innovative and quality solutions globally.

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HQ - The Netherlands:
Laan van Ypenburg 108, 2497 GC, The Hague, The Netherlands

Plot No GP 47, Sec18, GurgugramIndia

6240 NE 4th CT, Miami, The United States of America

Building 1,2,3,No. 40 Fuxin Street, Huaide Community, Fuyong Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, China
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