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Private Label

Customize our cutting-edge light therapy solutions to fit your unique brand identity and product vision.


Ready to develop your next tailor-made product? Then our Private label service is the right choice. Our team of experts will guide your team through the process from just an idea, prototyping till delivery.

The Process

Our private label service is a tailor-made product development process in which our team of professionals guide you from your idea into a ready to sell product that fits your brand style and requirements. This service consists out of the following steps to take:

  1. Brainstorm

Our team will set up a meeting to brainstorm which category you want to launch your product in, discuss requirements and give advice and insights about the market and process.  

  1. Research and requirements

First the requirements must be defined. These are based upon the functionality and usage of the envisioned product. The requirements must clarify the needs from a customer, user and legal standpoint. At the end of the phase there will be a list of requirements that everybody agrees to.  

  1. Design and development

The next phase will be the design & materials phase. In this phase the design will be created for the product and packaging. Starting with a brainstorm and a mood board; three design proposals will be made for the product and packaging. One design is chosen and optimized to the best fit for the product portfolio. At the same time the materials are an important factor of the ‘product look’ and especially the ‘product feel’. This phase will end with renders of the specified design and materials, to get a good feel of what the product and packaging is going to look like.  

  1. Prototyping

When the design of the product is clear, the prototyping phase will start, and the design is translated to a 3D model. The 3D model is a digital version of the actual product and therefore contains all parts that need to be in there. Then a prototyped version of the Light Therapy Handheld will be made.

  1. Regulatory

In order to make sure your device will be compliant with international rules, our regulatory team will support in advice and execution to obtain regulatory approval in order to sell.  

  1. Tooling

During the tooling phase, the tools are made for manufacturing of the product. In this phase, the tools are tested and slightly adjusted, for optimized production flow and high-quality output. When the tools are made, a first production run will be done.  

  1. Trial production

To ensure the quality of the product we will run a trial production to see where we could improve the product or how we can make sure the production of the product will be as efficient as possible.  

  1. Mass production

In the final phase, production of the Device will start! The products will be manufactured in one of our factories and shipped to the client.  

  1. Delivery

You could arrange your own pick up of goods, or if necessary we can also help with shipping methods. Our supply chain team is happy to help!

  1. After sales service

Our account managers are always available to support wherever possible.  

  1. Other services  

As we are committed to a high level of collaboration, we could help with services like Intellectual property, web and marketing development, fulfillment, clinical studies and more! See our “other services page

Flexible pricing
White Label

Get a White Label Product
Launch your own branded light therapy devices with ease.

Full-Service Manufacturing

End-to-end production from initial design to final assembly.

Regulatory Compliance

Products adhere to international standards, including FDA clearance.

Marketing Support

Assistance with packaging, branding, and promotional strategies.

Dropshipping Options

Efficient fulfillment solutions directly to your customers.

Custom pricing
Private Label

Create a Private Label Line
Develop a unique light therapy range with tailored features.

Bespoke Design

Custom product designs that align with your brand identity.

Personalized Features

Select the specific functionalities that fit your market niche.

Full Production Cycle

From prototyping to mass production, all under one roof.

Extended Services

Trademark assistance, app development, and more for a comprehensive offering.


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